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2011 Activity Report - October a December


Ficheiro:Alameda de pedra.jpg
Carmo Convent Church, by Joaomartinho63, WLM 2011 winner.
After the collect image phase, the final stages of the Wiki loves monuments were organized:
  1. Validation of every picture submitted on Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Evaluation of photographs by the jury.
  3. Preparation of the jury meeting.
  4. Production of the press release announcing the result.
  5. Awards the winners (directly and through the sponsors).
In this meeting, the jury formed by Sérgio Tinoco (Fotosport), Jorge de Matos (Câmara Municipal de Sintra), Carlos Botelho (Wikimedia Commons), Miguel Soromenho (IGESPAR) and Nuno Tavares (Wikimedia Portugal) deliberated on the images and selected the winners of Wiki Loves Monuments Portugal 2011. A list of winning images can be found at Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 - Europe/Vencedores.


Ficheiro:Mosteiro da Batalha vitral1.jpg
vitral of Mosteiro da Batalha, by Schwarze engel. One of top 20 image for WLM 2011
As part of the final organizations for Wiki Loves Monuments, several tools had been developed which determined that Mosteiro da Batalha was the Portuguese monument with more photos during the contest (409), and the monument with more photos by different photographers was Torre de Belém (35 photographers). Also in this month was the vote for the International Wiki Loves Monuments Art Nouveau competition (link).
Nuno Tavares proposed the reorganization of Wikimedia Portugal CiviCRM and Waldir Pimenta create a guide of this tool.
Based on the Brazilian model, WMPT started a discussion about the possibility of a partnership between a few Portuguese Universities and WMPT to create a Education project.


VI General Assembly - Wikimedia Portugal
In this meeting was approved the new Board of Wikimedia Portugal for 2012-2013:
Director: Manuel de Sousa (President), Nuno Tavares (Treasurer), João Miguel Vasconcelos (Secretário);
General Assembly: Waldir Pimenta (President), Susana Morais (Secretary) and Lars Wessman;
Fiscal Council: André Barbosa (President), Eduardo Pinheiro (Secretary) and Béria Lima.
The Internal Regiment was modified to create the Conselho de Gestão, structured with departments (see also Reorganização da direcção). The following departments were created:
Departamento de Coordenação de Associados (Members coordination Department): João Vasconcelos (coordinator), Nuno Tavares e Libério Sobreira
Departamento de Tesouraria (Treasury Department): Nuno Tavares (coordinator) e André Barbosa
Departamento de Outreach (Outreach Department): Béria Lima (coordinator), Manuel de Sousa, Eduardo Pinheiro e Libério Sobreira
Departamento de Comunicação (Communications Department): Manuel de Sousa (coordinator), Susana Morais, Béria Lima e Gonçalo Themudo
Departamento de Operações Técnicas (Technical Operations Department): Waldir Pimenta (coordinator) e Nuno Tavares
Departamento de Angariação de Fundos (Fundraising Department): Susana Morais (coordinator) e Waldir Pimenta
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